Asian Legal Staffing

No provider in North America has the depth and first-hand knowledge to provide 24-hour Asian language litigation support in Tokyo and North America.  We offer processing, hosting and can identify an expert team of linguists and language-specific Attorneys to leverage predictive analytics to any size data set.  We got you covered.

Our Competitive Advantage

CJK Speciality

We speak the languages, understand the culture and have the respect from the community conducting the work.  We have worked on virtually all review technologies and recognize the appropriate use of predictive coding, especially in the context of Japanese electronic files.

Japanese E-Discovery

Our relationship with the Japanese fluent Attorney community is unparalleled.  We have worked side-by-side on dozens of Japanese E-Discovery matters and know how to assemble any size team in less than 24 hours on and off-site, in the US and Japan.

Identifying The Right Team

Our recruiters speak the language and understand the cultural nuances that exist when conducting a review when the electronic files are overwhelmingly Japanese, Chinese or Korean.

Project Management & Managed Review

Our approach is to ensure multiple levels of fluency.  We've partnered with deep technologists who can expertly and cost effectively manage big data.  We then overlay this work flow into our Japanese, Chinese and Korean language focus.  Most, if not all review agencies, do not even have the background to think strategically when leveraging the insight of the Attorney review community, let alone leverage the most cutting edge technologies in the industry.

  •  Predictive Analytics
  •  Managed Review
  •  Japanese Project Manager
  •  Korean Project Manager
  • Chinese Project Manager
  • Hosting, Processing, Data ingestion
  • Deep cultural knowledge
  • Translation & Interpretation